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I’ve got a secret. I write this blog in little bits throughout the week. Just like I teach you to reach your goals, just like I keep my house so clean – little bits here and there, but on a consistent basis. So, if things seem a little disjointed some-
times, it’s because I’ve written things on different days. Like today, while I’m writing this particular part, it is Thursday.
What a beautiful day it is. You don’t need your winter coat. The sun is out. It’s like a spring day. Last year was soooo cold. And you know me, it’s hard for me to stay indoors when it’s nice out. But I had to tell you about a friend of mine.


I’ve mentioned her before. This time last year, she was growing into a size 14, with no end in sight. She was sick almost all the time. She was always sort of dumpy looking. I started telling her about my e-book, which at the time was Getting a Thin Attitude.
She started trying to at least get more fruits and veggies into her diet, and started taking vitamins. And pretty quickly she wasn’t getting sick as often.


But when I say she was trying to eat more fruits and veggies, I mean that in the most minimal terms. She hadn’t quite taken that very seriously. Then, last summer while I was working on the rewrite of the e-book, she picked it up and read it. She even stole it one night and took it home to read. I would catch her reading through the food guides finding the things that she liked to eat.

When I saw her yesterday, I couldn’t believe my eyes!


She was wearing tight jeans and a cute sweater. Her hair was done in spiral curls. She was just glowing. She proudly showed me the size 8 jeans she had just bought. She announced that she is throwing away her size 16s because she will never need those again.


Here is a girl in her early 30’s. Her life is changed forever. She is so happy. I’ve no doubt that a relationship probably won’t be far off. I’m so happy for her.


That’s why I do what I do. I just really had no idea of the full impact it could have on someone’s life. Even I’m blown away.


And she’s done it without dieting. Hey, she was at my house for Thanksgiving dinner. She brought the chocolate pecan, and the pumpkin pies. The only noticeable change is that when she does fast food, it’s Subway instead of – you know…. We still pig out on our favorite cheap donuts once in a while. She is not dieting by any means, yet the pounds are just falling off.


In my gift basket tradition, I put together some gift basket for the adults. I hit the European section and picked out various cookies and candies, got some coffee, and green tea. I thought everyone would roll their eyes. But to my surprise, everyone was having fun reading the labels, finding out where stuff came from. My
niece even commented that the goodies from other countries were healthier than ours. Good observation. And most everyone was excited about the green tea. Wow. Am I really getting through to people?


You have no idea how gratifying that is. To think that we maybe could finally turn this ship around is overwhelming to me. I mean, that was the goal, but I didn’t really think it was going to happen in any big way. But maybe….


I have really high expectations for the next year. When I look back and see how much I’ve accomplished over the last couple of years, I am amazed. Even though I’m not where I had hoped to be by now, I’m still happy with the progress I’ve made.

As Mr. Rogers says “To do the best we can with what we have is the best we
can expect of ourselves and others.”


How about you? What are your goals? What do you want to
accomplish this next year? When you go to bed at night, do you
feel like you’ve done the best you could with what you have?


Food for thought…




Get Healthy, Lose Weight, and feel better than you have in years – even if you’re a working single mom on food stamps…