Weekly Rant


Hi There!

How was your week? Good I hope.

I had a reasonably productive week. Nothing earth shattering. Actually kind of boring. Like the weather. We still haven’t had a really nice day. And rain and snow showers are predicted for the next 3 days. Just makes you want to sleep for the next 30 days and hope that its warm when you finally wake up.

But if you keep plugging away at the tasks you need to get done, you’ll be able to play without guilt when that warm weather finally does get here. Don’t under-estimate the power of a few minutes here and there. You can make great strides at anything if you just give it a little bit of time every day.

I found it amusing – 2 different newsletters had articles on the connection between clutter and being overweight. One was a medical newsletter. The other was a simplify life type newsletter. They both said that there is a connection between having cluttered surroundings and over-eating. So – according to both of these newsletters, if your home is cluttered, most likely you are overweight. Interesting.

Now I feel that if you’re not eating healthy, your home is probably cluttered because you don’t have the energy or motivation at the end of the day to clean it.

I guess the end result is the same – you’re overweight either way. But there’s always more than one way to look at things, isn’t there?

I’ve even put on a couple of pounds lately. I haven’t been doing the whole 2 mile walk with ‘hyper-dog’. I’m so sick of being cold and wet. I think even the dog is too. And in my case, gaining a few pounds is not a bad thing – but I’m feeling a little sluggish too. A big part of that is the weather, but I’m sure that less exercise has something to do with it too.

Goes to show you- those little things make a difference. You gotta keep on top of things or they get out of hand really quickly!

With rain and snow showers over the next few days, I don’t expect that I’ll be in much of a mood for taking 2 mile walks. I guess we’ll live through it.

We have a fund raising spaghetti dinner Saturday. Its for the lake that we live on. It goes to fund things to take care of the quality of the lake. Plus, it’s great to see everyone. So that will be fun.

I hope you’ve got some fun planned for this weekend. Fun is important too!

One of the great things for me about moving the site to the blog format is being able to include all of the things I used to include in the old version of The Juggling Act. I was really starting to get bored there for a while. How about you? Now I am free to write about all kinds of things – and you can pick and choose what you’re interested in. I think it works for both of us. Afterall, living a blanced life means you’re juggling a lot of balls everyday. I hope I can help keep you from dropping them!

And now you can leave comments. Tell me what you like, what you don’t like, and if there’s something else you’d like to see.

In the meantime – enjoy all of the recent articles listed to the right, and have a great weekend. Find something fun to do!

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  1. Jennie Dal Bello

    I love the new look too…it’s very appealing. I’ve been checking out the articles, and will take a look at the Broccoli Salad (re. our recent correspondence).

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