A week until the next vote on Net Neutrality and what it means for you

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Today there were protests outside Verizon stores around the country. Verizon and Comcast are the big players in the move to scrap the Net Neutrality that we fought so hard for last year.

What does it really mean for you?

Have you ever waited for an email and it doesn’t come? You look in your spam, trash, and junk folders… but no – not there either. Your email provider just decided that they don’t want to deliver that email.

Or maybe you’ve noticed that you’re not getting your Facebook notifications anymore. Or your favorite newsletters.

You’re just getting a taste of what is to come.

The new proposal is that there will be a fast lane and a slow lane. The sites that can afford to be in the fast lane will load fast. The sites that can’t afford it will take a while… … … …

You would think that this would cut down on the garbage sites that exist only to show ads that they get paid for every time you see one – regardless if you click or not. Guess what? These sites make tons of money.

Your favorite blogs? Maybe not so much.

Alternative news or health sites?

Educational sites?

How long will they take to load? 

That remains to be seen.

But the other problem is that people like lots of pictures and videos. That takes longer to load as it is.

How long are you going to be willing to wait?

Everyone is so impatient now, if it takes longer than 10 seconds they’re gone.

There already is a shift taking place where more and more sites are charging subscription fees. Pretty smart.

How many of those can you afford?

The death of blogs and small sites

The open Internet gave the average person a way to get their voice heard, or to even make a living. It currently doesn’t cost a lot of money. Its not free, but its not like having the expense of having a store.

It was the last level playing field.

The place where your average Joe had a chance.

But a lot of the small sites are just scraping by as it is. By cutting their potential viewership, it will force many to shut down.

So What?

That means that in time – all of your information will come from corporate owned sites. You will see what they want you to see.

Let that sink in…

What can you do?

You can sign every petition. You can comment at the FCC. You can call your congressmen & women – and maybe…

You can drop Verizon and Comcast like a hot potato.

Voting with your wallet is always effective.

Boy, if we could get enough people to do that in the next few days…Now that would make an impact!

Beyond that, we just have to wait and see what happens. My take is that the new head of the FCC could care less about what the people think.

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