Watching Paint Dry

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Dried green paint

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Seriously. I decided I am only moving the stove once, so that means I have to finish it tonight.

You may have shopped for paint and wondered if those new paint-primer combos really work.

I used the DutchBoy one when I painted my daughter’s room a couple of months ago. It did not cover in one coat, and it had a really strong odor that lasted quite a while. Now to be fair, I did paint over off white walls that had not been painted in a very long time – with orange paint.

In the kitchen, since I’ve removed wallpaper and exposed primed wallboard, I was going to prime, but the guy in the paint department said I wouldn’t have to with the Pittsburg paint.

The brush painting needed 2 coats. So far, it’s looking like the roller painting is covering in one coat. I have to watch the paint dry a little longer. I’m still going to give above the stove a second coat for durability.

And the Pittsburg paint has virtually no odor at all.

Now you might wonder if you buy one of those expensive new paint brushes, will it make a difference?

Sorry. I will say that the expensive brush did make trimming a lot easier, but it didn’t cover any better. And I’ve only done one small wall and the brush is shedding bristles already.

So now I’m watching and waiting….

OK, there are some spots showing through. For a professional looking finish it needs 2 coats.

As tempting as it is to try to shortcut the process, for best results you still need to prep the walls correctly and give it 2 coats. Living with a crummy paint job will bug you until you redo it. You might as well buck up and do it right the first time.

Now I’m off to finish this so I can get to bed!



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