Want the job? Hand over your passwords

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FaceBook Knows Everything!

FaceBook Knows Everything! (Photo credit: adamjackson1984)

Can you believe that employers have the nerve to ask for your passwords to sites like Facebook and Twitter if your content is hidden?

Its not just one or two. Its enough that its made the newspapers.

Its bad enough that they view your pages as it is, but now they feel that they have rights to your personal content.

If you’re willing to put yourself out there publically and say stupid things – that’s one thing, but for someone to feel that they have rights to your private content?

The whole thing is really getting out of control. Facebook wants to put out your whole life history with its new timelines. Google tracks your searchs so they can serve up ads you’d be intersted in. They have access to your personal email if you use gmail. They know what videos you watch on YouTube.

Your every move can be tracked on your cell phone and GPS devices.

Satellites can see into your house with amazing clarity.

Is any of this making you uncomfortable?

I hear more people saying they are dumping Facebook, and signing out of Google when they do a search. I forget most of the time.

Are you making any changes in your routines to avoid ‘Big Brother’?


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