Voting for you, or for Monsanto?

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Kraft Easy Mac

Kraft Easy Mac (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know, I find it so surprising that big companies are getting the message and removing ingredients that you don’t want in the food you feed your family, but congress doesn’t care what you want.

Today, the house passed the so called Dark Act, otherwise nicknamed The Ultimate Monsanto Protection Act. You can see how your representatives voted here…

Companies have been scrambling to remove corn syrup because you stopped buying their products…

Kraft is removing dyes because yellow dye is implicated in disorders such as ADD and ADHD. The funny thing here is all they have to do is switch us to the same formulas that they sell in Europe where they are not allowed to use many of the ingredients they can here.

Campbell’s is removing all artificial flavors.

Coke has just come out with a diet formula with no aspartame.

McDonalds has lost market share for the last few years, but Chipolte is up.

Organics is growing at an amazing pace.

You’ve spoken with your wallet and companies are listening.

But Congress?

Monsanto money speaks way louder than our little grocery budgets. But, if we are making an impact with the companies that use Monsanto products, they might just tell Monsanto to go jump in the lake.

Keep up the pressure!

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