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We’ve been bombarded with negative campaign ads on TV, in our mailbox, and in our email.

Does anyone have anything to say about what they will do? Does anyone actually serve the people anymore? Most of what I’ve seen are politicans who are owned by big business.

I know it feels like a big job to try to determine who is going to be the lesser of two evils. In my area, I would vote for the independant guy, but that’s like throwing your vote away. It is so frustrating.

I got an email from Presidnet Obama thatmade a few statements that raised my eyebrows – like “Private employers and small businesses have created jobs nine months in a row.” Really? That would explain why many on my street are still out of work after a year or longer, and I see people almost everyday still losing jobs.

And the only people who seem happy with helath care reform so far are the kids who get to stay on their parents policies. It hasn’t done much for those with preexisting conditions other than drive up prices to where they can’t afford it anyway. Yeah, that worked.

I understand that businesses are in business to make a profit, but my gosh – how much profit do you need? And is it necessary to steam roll people at all costs to secure your profits? Morals? Ethics? Humanity? No, these days everything is centered around greed.

Yes, it’s frustrating. But you have to get out there tomorrow and have your voice heard. Even if its just to say – yeah, I see progress and I’m happy, or you’ve had enough time and it ain’t happening.

I’m not making any recommendations or predictions because frankly – I don’t know what the right choice is right now. There are some who I think need to be booted. Others, the choice is as clear as mud.

I know many are confused. I have heard more talk about this election I think than any other. Everyone seems frustrated.

Like I said, even if the best you can do is vote for the track we’re on, or changing tracks – get out there and make a choice. And may God help us all…

How’s that for voter optimism?

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