Visions of Turkey Dinner Dancing in Your Head?

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Beautiful Turkey

The biggest topic of conversation the last few days has been Thanksgiving Dinner.

What foods are you looking forward to?

Who is bringing what?

I swear, we can talk for hours about food…

Its like the food extravaganza of the year. And everything seems to be coming together just fine

I can’t wait. How about you?

If your family is anything like mine, there are favorite dishes that each person makes. Your assignment is pretty standard.

Marshmallow topped sweet potatoesMine is sweet potatoes and the cranberries.

And then I need to make extra containers for my daughter to take home.

At my sister’s house, we have deep fried turkey. Its good. I’ll still make a traditional turkey here.

The funny thing is, Bob and the boys don’t like my family’s favorites. Its always a challenge here.

Each one will only eat certain vegetables. One loves carrots. One at least will eat carrots. One will only eat corn. One loves brussels sprouts and steamed broccoli. The other two won’t touch either one.  Sigh…

But the basics remain the same – turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. I have to make a boatload of sweet potatoes and cranberries for the next day anyway. One son loves pumpkin pie and so do I. Plus I’ll take some for my daughter’s care package.

pumpkin pie

The cool thing is – you won’t have to cook the rest of the weekend.

And then we’ll all be sick of turkey…

The funny thing is, my family’s eating habits have changed over the years.  We barely touch the mashed potatoes, and rolls seem to be decoration for the most part. We’re into all the other goodies!

And we’re only having one dessert this year instead of 3.

Of course the other problem is not stuffing yourself. But you know what? One day isn’t going to kill you. You can go right back to eating sensibly.

How about you? Do you have everything planned?

Do you need help?

You can find my family traditional recipes here

If you would like the whole Thanksgiving planner, that also includes some cool nutrition facts and the step-by-step cooking plan to get the meal on the table – you can get it below.

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Dance Thru Thanksgiving
Free Thanksgiving Step-by-Step Plan


Put out a great dinner that everyone will love

Be the calm and together hostess

And most important – Enjoy Your Day!