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SuperWomen have a set of habits that keep life running smoothly, even if you work.

Setting up for a good day starts the night before. You want to start your day in the most positive way possible. That means walking into a clean bathroom, then strolling into your clean kitchen and pouring yourself a cup of coffee and sitting down to go over your plan for the day, including what's for dinner.

Before Bed -

Clean kitchen

Picking up

Write down anything you need to accomplish tomorrow

Take something out of the freezer for dinner. Do you have everything you need?

Wipe down bathroom

Get a good nites sleep


Get yourself ready for the day

Go over your plan for the day

Drink water

Have a good breakfast

Make lunches

Allow enough time to get to work so you're not stressed before you start


Eat a good lunch

Take a walk


Listen to something uplifting on the way home

Put coats, purse, shoes, etc. away

Sort mail

Make dinner

Clean up kitchen

Spend time with family

Do a load of laundry and put away

Do a housecleaning task (you can do this while laundry washes and dries)


Do nightly routine

Do bedtime routine

Get a good nites sleep

Notes -

Your nightly routine are the tasks that you do to set up a positive start to the next day - Picking up, cleaning the kitchen, wiping ddown the bath, setting up the coffee, and planning the next day - including a dinner plan.

Your bedtime routine is what you do to wind down and get ready for sleep. For me, that includes things like turn off computer, put phone on charger, take off makeup, take a warm shower (it relaxes me, and going to bed clean keeps the sheets cleaner), do some reading and praying, and drift off to sleep.

Getting ready for the day includes getting dressed, putting on makeup, stretching, etc. Even if you're not going anywhere, if you are put together - you're ready for anything the day brings, and you will find you are in a better mood.

This checklist addresses domestic issues only. It assumes that you are working during the day.

This is not a written in stone schedule - it's a guideline. You will tweak it to fit in with your lifestyle.