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fall home


Its October. There's a lot to do.

Up here, we've already started clearing the garden beds, getting rid of the dead stuff. We're already getting a taste of cooler weather. I'm not ready!

That means we have a lot to get done this month...


Outdoors -

  • Clean gutters
  • Clear gardens*
  • Wash windows
  • Rake leaves*
  • Do lawn treatments*
  • Seed lawn*
  • Check seals and caulk around windows and doors
  • Power wash siding and decks
  • Clean patio furniture and put away
  • Clean grill and put away or cover

*See Fall Garden Chores and Fall Lawn Care for more details.


Indoors -

Not only do we need to prepare for winter, but we also need to start thinking about the holidays.


Winterize your car -

  • Change oil
  • Check all fluids, especially antifreeze and window washer fluid
  • Check balts and hoses
  • Check tires
  • Clean inside and out
  • Wax



This is when people start thinking about how their home looks, and updates they want to do before the holidays. I would not recommend anything that requires ripping out walls or refinishing wood floors this close to the holidays. I made that mistake once. Talk about stress!

If you want to do some redecorating without going bankrupt, see - Thought process behind a great decorating project on a budget

If you are planning on appliances or furniture - do it now! Do not wait and not be able to get it in time. My friend ordered a stove a few weeks ago and still doesn't have it, and its not near the holidays yet. Don't put it off.

Once November rolls around and we've got the doors and windows shut tight, then we'll start holiday prep in earnest!