Valentine’s Day is Next Week!

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Français : Truffes Godiva en vitrine de leur m...

Français : Truffes Godiva en vitrine de leur magasin de la Rue de Rollebeek, Bruxelles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Man! Time is flying. It will be spring before we know it.

But first – don’t forget Valentine’s Day.

It is time to fully appreciate the Food of the Gods – Chocolate of Course!

With just one taste of this “Food of the Gods”, entire civilizations have fallen under it’s spell. Legend has it that one of the Aztec Gods was kicked out of the heavens for letting mere humans have this food which should have only been partaken of by the Gods. Continue Reading…

One of the best ways to enjoy chocolate is a rich creamy melt in your mouth truffle. They are really not that hard to make –Basic Truffle Recipe


Get a full chocolate overload with 588 Chocolate Recipes

I’ll be flipping through my copy looking for something wonderful to make. Maybe some Bailey’s truffles? My daughter’s boyfriend likes hot fudge brownie sundaes. We like pretty much anything chocolate. If he’s going to be around, I guess I’ll be making brownies.

As long as its Chocolate, we’ll love it, right?

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