Using what you love to reach your goals

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I came home today after yet another long day to find that half of my windows have been replaced.

As tired as I am, I can’t help but get excited about getting the rest of that wallpaper down, and fixing things, and getting the room painted, and the blinds clean, and…

When there is something you love, yu will be motivated – no matter how tired you are.

That’s one mistake people make when dieting. Everyone focuses on the ‘suffering’. That’s not very motivating.

How about focusing on eating food that really tastes good and leaves you feeling good, or

How great you’re going to look, or

How much energy you’re going to have, or

How great life will be when you actually feel good, or – well you get the idea.

How about making money?

Not many of us are in love with money for the sake of money. Its what the money can do for you – right? Working just to make money for the sake of money is not very motivating. Making money just to pay the bills isn’t very motivating either. But making money so that you can do something you really want to do – that’s a whole different ballgame.

Find an outcome that you love for any goal and focus on that. You’ll find that you can plow through almost any obstacle to reach it when you’re driven by love.


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