Use this dreadful winter to increase opportunity

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Well, 2014 has gotten off to a horrific start, hasn’t it? Here in the Midwest its either bitterly cold, or snowing every day. I move the same snow drifts from in front of my car and in front of the garbage cans every day. ¬†Just like in the movie Groundhog Day! The same thing day, after day, after day…

And the poor people out East! A foot or more of snow at a time!

I still have Christmas presents in my living room. We haven’t been able to get together. My daughter hasn’t been able to come up. I’m sitting at the desk with a blanket. It’s cold by the window with these windchills.

Its been a tough winter – and people are literally going nuts. Yesterday, a 14 year old girl killed her 11 year old sister because she didn’t appreciate all of the things she does for her. Stabbed her like 47 times. The news is full of killings.

Yes, its tough and depressing. Yes, its hard to keep positive and motivated. No question. But here’s the thing –

You can take advantage of this time to make your life better.

I’ve been studying. My neighbor is an ebay seller. She’s been busy listing things.

What could you be doing that will make your life better come spring?

Is there a job skill you need to improve so you could make more money?

Could you work on self-improvement?

Could you sort through some boxes, or clean the closets?

Is your spring cleaning done? I’m telling you, if you take the time to get your house really clean, and them faithfully stick to maintaining it – your life will be so much easier. Get a housecleaning plan and stick to it!

Could you start a new workout routine?

Try some new recipes? 

Bake cookies and throw them in the freezer so you have them on hand later?

Could you get your tax stuff ready?

Could you look into your phone, television, and insurance plans to see if you could save some money?

I was going to say paint a room, but this is not a good time to do that. Wait until it gets a little warmer. The outside walls may be too cold and may not turn out well.

Take advantage of the time stuck indoors. I’m guessing we have a good 60 days to work on things. Imagine what we can accomplish!

Next round of Whole Life Overhaul starts Monday morning. Are you in?

What are you gong to work on?


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