US Dead Last in Timely Healthcare

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The news today should come as no surprise to those who are paying attention to health issues. As our costs for healthcare continue to skyrocket out of control,

As our population gets fatter and sicker,

As our diet continues to poison people,

As people are offered a pill for every problem,

The US offers the worst in healthcare –

You see – this is a commercial nation. If there is money to be made –
they will, even if it means keeping you fat and sick to do so.

And the governmental oversight? Their eyes are turned toward protecting the economics, not your health.

What would happen to the economy if everyone suddenly started eating real food?

How many industries depend on you staying uninformed, fat and sick?

Big (fake) food manufacturers
Weight loss companies
Insurance companies
Nursing homes
Medical equipment
Home nursing
Plus size clothing

So, what’s our next move?

Require that everyone buy health insurance?
Require that taxpayers pay for everyone to have health insurance?
Offer incentives for people to get healthy?

Why not do your part and just get healthy?

.. You’ll save money – lots of it!
.. You’ll feel better.
.. You’ll have the energy to be able to participate in life.
.. You’ll raise healthier kids.
.. You’ll live longer.
.. You’ll have a quality life longer.
.. You’ll have more confidence.
.. You won’t be embarrassed to ask for help from a sales clerk when you’re shopping for clothes.
.. You won’t be directed to the ‘big people’s’ clothing store.
.. You won’t be short of breath.
.. Your blood pressure will come down.
.. Your joints won’t hurt.
.. Your sense of taste will come back.
.. You won’t have to worry about counting calories.
.. You won’t have to spend a monthly mortgage payment on drugs.
.. You’ll think more clearly.
.. You won’t be depressed as often.
.. You won’t get sick as often.
.. You’ll find that there’s a lot of really delicious food out there that you’ve been missing out on just because it doesn’t come in a box.
.. You’ll find that you can eat a whole lot more food and still lose weight, when you’re eating real food.
.. You’ll cut your risk of heart disease, cancer, and type II diabetes.

Can you think for more reasons?

It’s up to YOU to take control of your health and well-being.
If you wait for the powers that be … Start Now!


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’

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