Update on Animal House Transformation

Sorcery - animal transformation

Sorcery – animal transformation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things have been so crazy here with Bob in and out of the hospital that I haven’t had much time to update the story.

We are attempting to answer the question – Can cleaning your house affect behavior?

Its been 3 weeks since Bob had his pacemaker put in. He has been restricted from lifting more than 10 pounds, lifting his left arm above his shoulder, and driving during that time.

The boys have not been much help. They have taken the garbage cans in and out. He has had to beg them to take him anywhere. I’ve done most of the chauffering. Oh, and cooking, cleaning, and shopping. Remember, I am not a wife or even girlfriend. I’m just a friend helping out a friend. Anyway…

Status of the house –

The dining room is almost done.

There is one wall that kind of looks like a body was bounced off of it and left an indent. Bob, being an engineer, has to make it a difficult proposition. He is determined to someday straighten out the wall by bracing it from the other side to straighten it out before plastering the cracks… yeah, that will happen. Me? I would fill in the cracks and paint the thing. There is furniture in front of it. No one will ever notice. But, its not my house. So, it will sit… until I get sick of looking at it 😉

Otherwise, I think it looks pretty good. (I’ll have pictures and what it took probably tomorrow…)

The rest of the house has stayed pretty clean with my easy system. Oh, no one cleans anything except me – but no one is really making any big messes.

I did get 2 new lampshades for the living room. There are still 2 disgusting ones in the family room. Have you seen the price of lampshades? Holy moly! That will have to wait.

I have ordered a piece of artwork to sort of pull the living room together and make it look homier. That room is not terrible and will be passable for the time being.

I’ve gotten the kitchen cabinets looking decent for what they are. The next steps will be removing the very old wall paper border, washing the walls and painting. He eventually wants to redo it, but that will be it for right now.

Now here’s the surprising thing –

We went to Bob’s company Christmas party Saturday night. We had a nice time, and the food was really good! But we were concerned about what we would come home to.

We got home about 11:30. Both boys were in bed and sound asleep! What?

Dishes at least make it to the sink. There are no piles of clothes in the laundry room tonight. And they have been cleaning their rooms.

Have we entered some sort of alternate universe?

(I still can’t get them to close the shower curtain when they are done.)

Dare I say that it has been calm – for the most part.

I’m kind of holding my breath. Will it last?


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