Update-athon – Christmas Craziness

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First, you probably noticed we have a new design! Couldn’t miss that, could ya? I’m working on straightening out the sidebars. Other than that…How do you like it?

I’ve been kinda slow at posting. Between the tree, and the potato chip cookies, some personal problems, computer crashed again…and the horrible cold – I’m just moving a little slow.

Man, the really cold weather just wipes you out. Even my daughter was sluggish last weekend. So was the dog!

So here’s a recap of the things I want to tell you about –

You got the potato chip cookie recipe (ours are almost gone already!), and the Christmas Songs Download, and the Creative Christmas Gifts Downloads, right?

OK, what else?

I’ve been playing on Squidoo, and I guess it’s kind of cool. There’s a great tip on there about feeding your family 3 great quick meals. Very handy this time of year, wouldn’t you say? Pop over and take a look. And if you are a Squidoo user, could you give me a vote!

Do real people ever actually use any of this stuff? All the Digg, Stumble Upon, BlogLogs… My gosh, there is so much out there. Do you actually use any of these types of sites? Which Ones? Leave a comment!

Oh, one more thing. I’ve rolled back prices on Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak, High Energy Eating, and The Love of Chocolate from now until the first of the year.

Sorry for such a cram session. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss telling you about anything!

Talk to you later!

Now, back to fixing those sidebars…