Up to $3800 in fines for no health insurance

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That’s right. There is a new proposal in the health care mess that requires health insurance, and fines for those who don’t comply. And don’t worry, the highest rate you can pay under this proposal is 13% of your income.

You can read about it here >>>

So far it seems that keeping up the pressure has been working. Keep letting your congressmen & women know exactly how you feel. Keep Blogging. Keep Tweeting. Keep up the pressure.

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I like my own form of health insurance – Don’t get sick!

But you never can guarantee that you’ll never ever get sick, no matter how healthy you are. And if you can’t afford it, what the heck are you supposed to do?

Oh, I know – get the government health care so they can decide if you’re worth saving or not.

Could they have made a bigger mess of this? Yeah, wait and see….


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1 thought on “Up to $3800 in fines for no health insurance

  1. Carole Post author

    This statement was in the Douglas Reprot – Daily Dose newsletter this morning. I think Dr. Douglas sums it up pretty well –

    “Let’s get real: No amount of legislation is going to force people to give up their Dollar Menu for a $10.00 tuna salad. And no amount of force-fed nutritional information would make a difference, either.”

    So – how do we get poeple to stop killing themselves? What would do it for you?

  2. Sure Fit Inc.

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