Unpleasant insights

We finally had our Christmas dinner with the sick side of the family last weekend. What a group!

The interesting thing is that everyone had their own interests in the political arena. My brother was interested in financial aspects, tax loopholes, taxing the millionaires and such.

My niece was very vocal on the failings of the ‘health care reform’, and how it has helped no one.

I, of course, was interested in the Monsanto issues.

All of us agreed that there is not a good candidate to run this country that has any clue what is really going on.

My niece talked about how you will be required to get check-ups, and if you don’t do what they tell you to do or meet you health goals for the year – you will be fined. She also talked about how they have made it impossible for health care providers to actually get paid. She said they only get paid 20 or 30 % as it is. That will result in fewer Doctors, and less available health care.

My brother talked about how ‘they’ can see what you do inside your house with super powered satellites. How uncomfortable is that? He said, “1984 is here.” Creepy.

We talked about how Monsanto seeds can blow on to your property and start growing, and then they send in their armed thugs to intimidate you, and then they sue you for growing their seed without paying for it. We talked about the GMOs, and about animals being fed unnatural grain diets and how that affects us.

It occurred to me that we all have issues that we know about, but we don’t even touch the tip of the iceberg. There is so much going on, how can you possibly keep track of even 1% of it all?

Its an overwhelming world we live in. Its hard enough to survive, let alone be educated and involved. Of course, that is what they count on – that we won’t be paying attention.

Have any tips for staying on top of things?

3 thoughts on “Unpleasant insights

  1. Dan

    My questions are a little different. Have we reached the tipping point where we end up with government controlling every aspect of our lives? Is there enough people who are even aware of the rights we have lost in the last 50 years? Of those that are aware are there enough of us to make a difference?

    Then there is the fact that if the Euro fails then all bets are off because the US is not far behind. How much mnoney has the US pumped into the IMF and how much money has US banks exposed themselves to the EURO. On top of that if Europe falls into a depression our exports will fall drastically.

    It’s not a pretty scenario. My only suggestion is to protect your assets and remember that food in the pantry will be worth it’s weight in gold.

  2. Carole Post author

    Not only do people not realize, but everyone is so anesthetized that they just don’t care. People are just in this trance…That upsets me more than anything. People just don’t want to hear about it.

    Then you have another contingent who knows and understands, but are trapped and can’t do anything.

    I guess what people have failed to understand is there’s no free lunch. Everything costs something – your time, your freedom, your health, your quality of life…

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