Tyson Gets The Message! Sort of…

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One of the worst offenders of hormone and anti-biotic use has gotten the

Anyone from Breast Cancer Survivor school would tell you not to touch the top
2 chicken producers products with a 20 million foot pole. That’s how bad their
use of hormones and anti-biotic use were.

But Tyson seems to have gotten the message.

I was surprised to see an insert in Better Homes and Gardens. The headline
said “raised without antibiotics.” I thought yeah, but what about the hormones?
Sure enough, it says “no added hormones.” I still wonder what that means.

They’re raised without antibiotics, but have no added hormones?
So they’re not raised without hormones? Extra hormones used to be added?

We might still have to hold out until they really get it right.
Hey, I’ve gone through menopause with barely any symptoms, I’m not
going to mess things up now! I don’t want extra hormones – and since
they were one of the biggest offenders, and their language is as clear
as mud – I think I’ll wait for clarification.

But I’m optomistic. They’re getting the message – sort of. We just have to
let them know it still isn’t quite good enough.

I told you that consumers have a lot of power!


a.k.a. – ‘Mother’