Turkey Countdown Begins

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Its time to start thinking Turkey!

I have re-released the Thanksgiving Planner – How to Dance Through Thanksgiving. Inside you will find a plan that covers menue planning, shopping lists, getting the house ready, and a blow by blow plan for the big day.

If you start doing some things now, you will be able to dance through Thanksgiving like a superstar!

You can get your free copy of Dance Through Thanksgiving here >>>

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2 thoughts on “Turkey Countdown Begins

  1. Mary

    Hi Carole!

    I tried to go get Dance Through Thanksgiving and nothing happened. I REALLY want the bonus.

    I had not been to Rebel With a Fork. Need to go back to look further.

    I’m going to look for you on FB. I just got a link I think you would be interested in.

    Talk to you soon!


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