Truckload coming

I hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

My daughter did not come up because she is moving back in next weekend. And I needed the time to make room for a truckload of stuff to somehow fit into this little house. TV, Stereo, computer, and 800 hoodies.

Coming out of the closet

Coming out of the closet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You may remember that my little resort cabin has one closet. I’ve heard that they use stand alone closets in Europe, but those haven’t been a big thing here. I finally found a place! Mine is coming Thursday. I’ll have to let you know how it goes. I have to have it built by Saturday.

So the next problem is that I’ve pretty well ignored the downstairs family room for a long, long time. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you might remember that I had water problems for a couple of years. That sort of dampened my enthusiasm. But since they put in the French Drain on the one side of the house, I haven’t had any more water pouring in.

I kept it dusted and vacuumed, but it really had become a dumping ground. I’ve been desperately trying to find places for things, or get rid of things, or find ways to camouflage eyesores.

Eveline and I planned on painting it this summer, but then it occurred to me that I don’t want to have to move this closet to paint. At a minimum, I had to get the wall painted where this thing is going! So I painted half of the family room.

Of course, I had already planned on remaking my upstairs window treatments since I can’t find anything ready made.

All in all it made for a very busy weekend!

I did squeeze in breakfast with an old friend, cleaned the ceiling fan in my bedroom, and washed the winter coats.

Next weekend, my daughter moves her stuff in, including the dog. We have an association fundraising dinner on Sunday that we volunteer for. Oh, and I have to get the tomatoes in the ground!

I did ask for a couple of days off so we can get everything situated and I can spend a little time with my daughter. My boss said, “You have way more energy than I do.” She turning 40. I’m turning 56.

I do practice what I preach.

Eat well, stay active, get enough sleep …

You can find all my tips at if you haven’t checked out the newly designed site. There were over 39,000 visitors last month. I hope you were one of them ­čśë

I’ll let you know how this closet thing goes.


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