Transition to Christmas

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Did you flip your Christmas switch? Tree up, lights on the house, cards and shopping done?

Me either…

The tree is up thanks to my daughter. She got up all motivated last Sunday and we got the tree out and decorated in a couple of hours. Then things kind of got stalled. Another crazy busy week at work. I ate dinner at 9 at night most nights this week. Thank heaven for the Thanksgiving leftovers. This job is killing me.

So I’m dragging out my copy of Gifts from the Hearthto come up with some ideas for gifts. This year, everyone is being difficult. Ask them what they want and they reply, “oh I don’t know…” There’s always gift cards, but how boring is that? Sigh… (doing my Winnie the Pooh imitation – think, think, think…)

There is a girl at work who is going Christmas Caroling – So I dusted off the Christmas Carols ebook too.

And the Christmas Quiz is always fun at parties.

How far along are you?

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3 thoughts on “Transition to Christmas

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    Hi Carole! I already did with the tree and the lights. I was motivated with Christmas decorations last Sunday. But I still have to do Christmas shopping this weekend, a littler earlier to avoid the rush.

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