Top Dieting Mistakes

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Almost everyone setting out to lose weight seems to make the same
mistakes. These simple little mistakes make it hard – if not impossible,
to lose weight. Of course, the diet industry isn’t going to tell you these
simple things – it would put them out of business!

Here’s the top 13 dieting mistakes to avoid –

1. Believing that you need some magic diet, plan, pill, or weird foods
to lose weight. You can do it, easily if you just know how. (hint –
eat a balanced diet of real foods.)

2. Falling for dangerous fad diets that can cause long-term health problems.

3. Not taking enough time to relax, which results in stress eating. Stress
also affects how your body works. How about relaxing and enjoying a
healthy meal for a change?

4. Not drinking enough water to keep your system flushed, and organs
and skin hydrated. Think of a dry sponge. It doesn’t work very well
until you give it water, right?

5. Not eating enough protein to build muscle instead of fat.

6. Not eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day to give
your body the super powers it needs to make you look and feel great.
Your body is self-regulating if you give it the right stuff to work with.

7. Not eating 3 meals, and 2 snacks a day to keep your metabolism
burning those calories all day.

8. Not getting enough exercise to keep all those joints and muscles
working smoothly (heart and lungs are muscles too) and burning
calories. Throw a little more coal on the fire and start burning those
calories instead of letting them convert to fat.

9. Not getting enough sleep to let your body repair itself.

10. Filling up on foods with no vitamins. You’ll always be tired and
hungry until you give your body what it’s asking for. It wants nutrients,
not more sugar! Give it what it wants, and it will shut up. Kind of like
a nagging mother-in-law 😉

11. Not drinking green tea – probably the closest thing to a miracle
that you can drink.

12. Not getting enough Omega 3s – the right kind of oils for your body.
What happens if you put the wrong oil in your car? It breaks down, right?
The same thing happens with your body.

13. Depriving yourself. Well, we all know that never works!

If you don’t understand why any of these mistakes are ruining your
weight loss results, you are probably unknowingly committing Suicide
by Diet. These mistakes are ruining your long-term health too.

You can take back your health, and lose weight without dieting, just
by changing the way you eat. It really is that simple!

Stop being a victim of commercial advertising. Before you eat another
thing – Download your free copy of Suicide by Diet and find out what
the food you’re eating is really doing inside your body.


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