Tomatoes & Salmonella


There is yet another salmonella scare. People in 9 states have fallen ill. I don’t think anyone has died – but salmonella is not fun.


Basically, you’ll spend your life for about 7 days, laying on the couch and running to the bathroom You’ll have cramps. You’ll be weak. I mean really weak. Yes, I speak from experience – and it’s not an experience I’d like to repeat.


This new outbreak is tied to raw large tomatoes – including Roma and red round tomatoes – were found to be a common factor in the 40 illnesses. But no farm, distributor or grocery chain has been identified as the main source yet.


It’s fairly easy to avoid these kinds of risks – especially this time of year. You can grow your own, or buy from local farmers.


Not only will they taste 200% better, but they’re healthier, and you support your local economy.


In any event, stay away from the types listed. Roma tomatoes have been in abundance in the grocery store, and cheap – so I imagine a lot of people have them in their house right now.


I was going to buy some yesterday as a matter of fact, but a little voice in my head said, “get your butt over to the farmstand.” So I didn’t buy them. I haven’t made it to the farmstand yet either, but this certainly is another incentive, isn’t it?


Stay Healthy!


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  1. Diane

    Heard on the news this evening that at least one gentleman died (complications of cancer) where they figure this was a contributing cause. What is going on with our world? What’s going to be left for the generations to come? My dad, living with us, thankfully keeps abreast of what the newest thing is to avoid. The list gets longer almost daily 🙁

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