Tofu Instead of Turkey Anyone?

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They aren’t serious, are they? I read this in a press release today –

“Tired of celebrating the holidays with the same old turkey dinner, but hesitant to remove this protein source from the holiday menu? Try tofu! Tofu offers the full protein that turkey dinners have traditionally provided, and is an inexpensive way to add flare to a variety of holiday favourites and some exciting new alternatives.”

What do you think? Want to have tofu for your holiday dinner?

Geez, when will they stop coming up with all this ridiculous stuff?

I’m ready for more turkey. Or maybe ham. My step mom makes prime rib when she has the dinner, but she’ll be out of town. We’ll have that dinner in January – Yum!

Thank heaven the sweet potatoes and cranberries are still OK. They’ll certainly try to find a way to make those bad too.

Real food is not bad for you. Granted, the commercial meat is full of hormones and antibiotics and we should try to eat organic meats, but it’s still 200% better than any of the packaged foods.

You already know I’m 52, and I take no meds. A good friend of mine is 58 and takes no meds now that we got her off the HRT.

Which reminds me of another friend of mine. She was on a weight loss program where you were supposed to drink their shakes, and then have pasta for dinner – like almost every night. She tells me that the pasta is what is responsible for her type II diabetes. Really?

It wasn’t the pasta. It was the jarred sauce full of corn syrup! People don’t think. For some reason, when it comes to food, people seem to have lost all common sense.

There was a quote that I read recently that said that you can get people to change anything but their diet.

But that can’t be true either since there’s one trend after another. People just blindly follow these trends, believing all kinds of nonsense.

How long will people be able to stick to carrot juice and tofu? I shudder to think what the next hot new trend will be.

If you’re as tired as I am of all the garbage healthy eating information – here’s a simple healthy eating plan for you –

– concentrate on getting 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day,
– cut out packaged foods full of chemicals,
– cut out pop full of corn syrup and more nasty chemicals,
– eat real food.

If you did just those simple things, you would have more energy, you’d feel better, and you’d lose weight. You’ll lose even more if you actually get out from in front of the TV or computer and got moving a little. Since you’ll have more energy, that won’t be that hard either.

Since most of the holiday dinners are made fresh – I don’t think you have to feel guilty at all, as long as you eat everything in moderation. You know, one piece of pie – not the whole pie… 😉

Just use some common sense – and enjoy yourself.

Here’s a common sense healthy eating plan you can live with >>>