Today I don’t feel like doing anything…

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OK, I don’t really want to lay in my bed, and I can’t sit in my birthday suit cuz allthe windows are open… but I have worked my whole vacation away. Which is OK, it was stuff I like to do – I’ve been having fun working on the latest ebook that has been sitting around waiting for me to finish for eons. Cleaning the beach is therapeutic for me. I get sun, vitamin D, exercise and a good detox from sweating. Then I jump in the lake. I’ve been working my butt off on a secret project that I can’t tell you about until my daughter sees it – just on the slim chance she might actually read the blog.

Now I don’t feel like doing anything.

I have to do some stuff of course, and I will force myself to do it. I have to plan dinner for tomorrow. My dad and stepmom are coming over. He doesn’t like a bunch of stuff, she doesn’t like salad… and Em and I will be playing in the lake. So that’s a challenge…But for right now, I’m going to sit on the patio, look out over the lake, listen to all the weird birds that seems to be out today – and do nothing for a bit.

Then I’ll get bored and finish what I need to finish.

You know – my new neighbors are newly weds. A young couple. They were both off yesterday. Do you think they were kicking around on the beach? Or letting the dog run in the yard? Nope. They were hold up in their air conditioned house the entire beautiful day. I don’t get it.

Anyway, I’m off to do some serious relaxing. I hope you had a great week – and that you’ll get some good relaxing time in this weekend.