To: Workaholics Re: Labor Day Weekend

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Are you a workaholic? Always needing to be working on something?

Has summer passed you by?

Here’s a reminder – Labor Day Weekend is meant to be a break from labor, not a reason to labor more!

It is the last official weekend of summer.

If you’re near a lake – get out on it.

If you have a pool – get in it.

If you have a patio or deck – sit on it for heaven sakes! Isn’t that why you put it there? There are so many deserted decks and patios around here. What a shame.

Eat lots of watermelon and fresh tomatoes.

Grab some great grilling recipes and salad recipes and feast on all the great foods of the season!

Here in the Midwest, God usually flips the switch in the next couple of weeks. Summer will be over!

Get out and enjoy it this weekend. That’s an order!


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