To everyone who wants to stay vibrant and healthy

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I came across this video of Dr. Terry Wahls. I first became fascinated with Dr. Wahls because a few years ago they thought that I might have MS. I was researching the disease when I stumbled upon of of her earlier videos. This woman healed her MS through diet and lifestyle changes.. Incredible.

But its not just MS. These same methods are being studied as a way to help many chronic diseases.

It is my hope that everyone will watch this, take it to heart and make some changes…

I have found that making lasting changes in diet is a gradual process for most people. Start with small changes. Eat 2 cups of vegetables and fruits. Even if you change nothing else, that will help. Do I eat 9 cups of vegetables an fruits? Certainly not. I average 4 cups.

Here is an articles that can help –Getting your 5-9 is easier than you think

Then gradually cut out pop, fries, sugary snacks and so on.

Drink more water.

Get some exercise.

I’m really surprise that she doesn’t address sleep. Get 6-8 hours a night.

I haven’t really gotten serious about meditating. I do value quiet relaxing time. That’s part of why a clean house is so important to me. I need my clean, calm, quiet space. We all need a place to de-stressĀ  Whether its quiet time, prayer, or meditation (which can mean a lot of different things,) we need to quiet the brain and calm the release of the stress hormones.

I have an old friend who has poo-pood my diet advice for years and years. She has serious health condition after condition. We’re talking cancers, heart disease, diabetes, liver problems…But what upsets me the most is the damage she is doing to her kids. They are both ADHD and are developing other problems. Still, she won’t listenĀ  It breaks my heart.

Please promise me that you will start to make small changes. The quality of your life depends on it.


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