Tired of Dumbing Down?

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When I first started on the internet, I had been in telecommunications management and worked my way into legal and regulatory.

“Write at an 8th grade level.” they said.

“People’s attention spans are getting shorter.” they said.

That was in 2005. Now its even worse.

Now they say to write at a 5th grade level. And now you have a whole 30 seconds to deliver your message before people are on to the next thing.

That’s why there is a proliferation of websites that give you a few barely useful sentences about a topic. I feel ripped off when I visit these sites – like they wasted my time and didn’t tell me anything. I find it insulting.

Are you insulted?

They feel that you are not smart enough to read anything substantial, and apathetic enough not to care anyway.

This week I slipped and used a couple of words that used to be common in conversation. People looked at me like I had grown a second head.

One word was intermittent.  I got, “Huh? What’s that?”

Another word was malicious. Funny thing is I’ve heard the girls use that word a couple of times since. Which tells me that people don’t want to be stupid.

Its easier to control a dumb, fat, sick society…

Conspiracy theorists will tell you that this is by design. If your population can’t think, can’t move, and require medications to stay alive – they are going to be much easier to control. Real uprisings of any significance are unlikely.

You may or may not believe that is where we are headed, but you have to admit the degradation of our society has not produced world that we want to live in.

Making America Great Again

That isn’t going to happen by depending on the government. What made us great was our people.

Instead of striving to do less, we need to go back to striving to be better. That is what made America great. We were strong and proud. We worked hard. We had strong families. We had high standards, high hopes, and big dreams.

It has to come from inside each and every one of us.

We the People..






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