Tips to manage back to school chaos – part one

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Lets face it, the first week of back to school is chaos while everyone gets back in the groove. All those people who make it sound like you can sail through it don’t get it, or they’re lying. But I have some tips to help you get through it with some hair left on your head.

In this tip, I’m going to show you some options for an organized dumping station.

You’ll need a little bit of space somewhere in the main traffic flow from the door to the kitchen where the backpacks, shoes, and ‘stuff’ can get dumped.

This is a cool option that I found at Target –

storage table with baskets

I like this one because it has both the shelf and the baskets. It also has an open area where they can put their shoes underneath.

Another option is something like this – also found at Target


The back packs go on the shelf. Shoes underneath.

You can also use inexpensive bookcases like the picture up top. I just like having the space underneath for shoes.

You can put small bins on top for keys, mail, and school papers that need your signature.

You can put a coat rack next to the table, or wall hooks for coats.

Before bed, the back packs should be filled and ready to grab in the morning.

vroom…. 🙂


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