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Hi there!

This has been one long week for me. The boss is on vacation, which means we have to cover store hours with fewer people. And doesn’t it figure that the mandatory Manager’s meeting also had to be this week?

Had to drive 2 hours to get to the meeting. The meeting itself was OK. Nice to see people that you don’t normally get to see. And anytime you can pick up even just a couple of good nuggets that will make you better, it’s always worth it. Plus, they fed us a pretty good lunch!

Fortunately, the traffic heading back to the store wasn’t too bad. It only took me 2 hours back. I feel really sorry for the people who had to head south!

In spite of the job, I have been tinkering with my new project. I’m learning a few new tricks too. While it’s only a skeleton so far, you can see the beginnings of the new project here >>>

Like I always tell you, do a little bit whenever you have a few minutes, no matter what the project is – and eventually you’ll get it done. If you wait until you have a big block of time available to start working on something…. well, that never happens now, does it?

So it will be with this project. It will evolve a little bit every day.

I picked up a good book that’s helping a lot too. If you’re running a word press blog, you might want to pick up Word Press for Dummies. It will open up a whole new world of possiblilties for you.

I also read ‘The Attractor Factor” this week. Since a new version is coming out, I figured I’d read the old one. Plus, I really needed some time off the computer. I like to read real books once in a while.

There was nothing really new in it if you’ve been a student of self improvement. I actually use a lot of the same principles in Whole Life Overhaul. But it never hurts to be reminded. We get so busy that we forget to think right sometimes.

I’m going off to veg now. I hope you have a great weekend!