Time to unclutter

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“Clutter sucks the life, the spirit and the
creativity out of any space.  Getting organized
is a sure first step to a better life.”  Peter Walsh

You know, clean and clutter are 2 different things. But boy, a lot of clutter sure make it hard to clean.

I picked up yet another Kirby over the weekend. I got it for a steal, and it was cheaper than getting either one may other machines fixed. So now, I have 3 Kirbys, 3 sets of tools, 4 shampooers. We have an old computer we kep to play windows 95 games on. We found out last weekend that it’s dead.

Someone gave me a bigger TV. It doesn’t fit in my cabinet, so now I have 2 TVs that no one ever watches. An no one wants, since they are old clunkers. I’ll keep the bigger TV, but that will require some furniture moving. And my daughter voted for no TV on the main floor, so I’m guessing I’ll have to pitch the smaller one. I wonder if even Goodwill would want it. Probably not.

And all the bottles of half used lotions and shampoos that we keep because we might run out and need it.

There is so much stuff!

But you know, in life you have to let go of bad stuff to make room for good stuff. Whether its clutter, or food, or grudges, or limiting beliefs. You gotta get the garbage out to make room for the good things.

Spring cleaning is about more than just cleaning house. Its like a fresh start.

And since I don’t have a TV up here to take up my precious time- I’m going to take a walk, enjoy the beautiful weather, get some exercise, clear my head, relieve some stress, and maybe catch up with some people I haven’t seen all winter. Thats a pretty productive 40 minutes, wouldn’t you say?

Then I’ll come back and get back to work.

What’s taking up too much room in your life?

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3 thoughts on “Time to unclutter

  1. Beth Earle

    Decluttering is an ongoing process for me. I’m getting better at it now that I work on it regularly. My natural way has always been to accumulate and create lots of piles all over the house. I’m trying to develop better habits.

    Our town has one day a year that every resident who wants to can have a garage sale with out buying a permit. There are a few dozen sales at once, which attracts a lot of people. This year it’s 5/28 so I’ll be getting rid of more things that way. There is also at least one day a year in which we can take harder to get rid of items to. That is a big help also.
    Beth Earle´s last blog post ..How to help tornado victims with donations and other aids

  2. Damion Mcclearen

    Thank you for the exceptionally interesting write-up, we could benefit from more personal blogs such as this on the internet. Is it possible to expand more about the 2nd paragraph please? I am a small bit mixed up as well as unsure whether or not I am aware your position entirely. Many thanks.

  3. Carole Post author

    Hi Damion,

    The difference between clutter and dirty?

    Clutter is stuff laying around. While your clutter may not be dirty, it makes it hard to clean with all kinds of stuff in the way. My friend and I used to ponder how in the world the dust got under our piles of paper on the desk!

    The more stuff you put away or get rid of, the easier it is to keep the house clean.
    I hope this helps!

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