Time to reset the body clock!

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School is starting real soon. That first week is going to be pretty tough while we adjust from play mode to school mode.

One thing that will make life tons easier is to start backing into the regular sleep schedule. Make bedtime 1 hour earlier, and start setting the alarm clock. If you or the kids have been getting up at 10, set the clock for 9 tomorrow, 8 the next day, and so on.

This strategy will work if you’ve been off work a while and you need to get yourself back into a more normal sleeping schedule.

And don’t forget about healthy eating to keep you all strong, healthy, smart, and full of energy 😉

You can find all sorts of time saving recipes and nutrition info at Rebel With a Fork. It’s a life saver for me – all my data in one place. And all of our favorite recipes. It’ll save you a ton of time.

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2 thoughts on “Time to reset the body clock!

  1. Carole Post author

    Since its so cold today, I figured it was a good day to start some fall cleaning. Get rid of some of the sand and spider webs full of gnats. Sometimes housecleaning helps get rid of mental clutter too.

    I’ve just started reading The Greatest Secret by Og Mandino, and I might go see Eat, Pray, Love with a friend later.

    So, I guess you could say I’m doing a lot of internal and external cleaning today.

    I hope you have a great Labor Day Weekend!

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