Time to live well for less

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save moneyRecession, inflation, supply shortages, whatever… Life costs more and its time to start saving money. I know it seems hard, but I’ve been doing it for many years. Here are 35 tips to help you out…

1. Cut your debt

2. Don’t use credit, especially for everyday stuff.

3. Buy less – weigh nice to have vs must have

4. Do more with less –

5. Cook real food. You’ll not only spend less per meal, but you’ll also save on healthcare and lose weight.

6. Shred meat – it goes farther

7. Buy on sale. I use sale papers to plan my menus.

8. Grow food

9. Make your own coffee – save on average $3 per day.

10. Bring your lunch – save on average, $10 a day.

11. Have pot-luck dinners with family and friends.

12. Make more meatless meals like mostaccioli with marinara topped with mozerella  with a salad and garlic bread or Spanish omelets (eggs, salsa and cheese.)

13. Have a garage sale

14. Shop resale

15. Borrow tools

16. Swap stuff

17. Take care of your stuff – make it last

18. Do it yourself as much as possible – see you tube

19. Do your maintenance, car, home, self, computer, etc.

20. Turn the temp up a degree in summer and down a degree in winter.

21. Save water. Turn the water off when brushing teeth or doing dishes.

22. Use a water filter pitcher and carry your own reusable water bottle.

23. Do free things –

24. Take a walk

25. Go hiking

26. Go to the beach

27. Play tennis, basketball, etc. at the park.

28. Have a workout center where you live? Use it!

29. Use your library. You can get books, movies, ebooks… all for free.

30. Have Amazon Prime? Be sure to check out all the shows and movies you can get for free.

31. YouTube has free movies.

33. Check out https://iscreeningroom.com/ where you can watch movies b4 they are released.

34. Reduce your streaming services. I know, each one has one program you like to watch. There’s nothing so far that says you can’t cancel when that show is done and resubscribe later if you want.

35. Plan your errands so you drive the least. Maybe east one day, west another?

According to an article I read today at TheSimplifyDaily.com, if you save just $27.40 a day, you can save $10k in a year. Think about that!

I’m a drive your car til it dies kind of person. I don’t need to impress anyone.

The average car payment now is $450 a month! I haven’t had a car payment in 7 years. That’s $37,800!!! At $250 a month, it would still be $21,000 over the seven years.

Do you really need the latest car? The latest phone? Or are there better things you could put that money towards that would make your life better in the long run?

Recession or not, we really have to rethink our crazy spending habits if you want to have a good life. You can live well for less. I do.

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