Time out to watch How Clean Is Your House?

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You know I don’t have TV. But, there’s always YouTube! I decided to settle in and watch a few episodes of How Clean is Your House?

That show just amazes me. I’ve seen bad houses before, but nothing that comes close to the houses they find. I can’t even imagine beginning to tackle one of these dumps. Of course, they have a whole team, but just the thought…OMG. And the way Kim smells things – ARGH. And they touch the grime with bare hands! ICK!

And there was the one with the cat vomit. The woman says, “No one can tell me why the cat vomits all over.” Even the vet said “duh.”

I watched episode after episode where you just knew the people were lazy slobs and it wouldn’t be long before their houses were trashed again. These people just seemed content to live that way. All were overweight. And one of each of the couples said they had asthma. It made me sad.

But then I clicked on one more. The title was “Blame it on the Kids.” It was about a single mom, and things had gotten to be too much. She really seemed grateful. And the kids were so happy with their new clean surroundings that they kept their own room clean – even making the beds every morning. They didn’t have to be embarrassed to have friends over any more.

Finally, one that seemed to have a happy ending.

Okay. I can go to bed now and not have nightmares. Maybe.





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