Tim Russert’s Controversial Death

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Tim Russert’s death has caused a lot of controversy in the health fields. He was taking all of the drugs that were supposed to keep him healthy, and getting exercise, and doing all of the things Doctors told him to do.

2 things were missed. His homocysteine levels were high, and his magnesium was low.

Unfortunately, Doctors do not recognize nutrition as the cornerstone of your health. Maybe they finally will pay more attention now. Sometimes media coverage is good for something.

How do you keep your homosysteine levels low? B vitamins.

After my magnesium fiasco, you might be reluctant to take magnesium, but as I said in the post – I already got a lot of magnesium before I started messing with the liquid stuff. I eat meat and leafy greens. I take a good multi, and I take a calcium supplement with magnesium and D (which is another important nutrient that most people are deficient in.) And I drink coffee.

So while I get plenty – MOST people do not.

It’s really important that you understand how to get all of your essential nutrients every day. That’s why I wrote High Energy Eating for you.

It’s really hard to cut through all of the conflicting information coming at you every day about health and nutrition. But you know what? A healthy diet never really changes. Ignore all of the fads and eat a plain old healthy balanced diet.

If you don’t know how to eat a healthy balanced diet, or how to make sure you’re getting the nutrients you need every day – pick up a copy of High Energy Eating. You’ll be happy you did.