Thought you had a bad week?

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 OK, you know I’m a single working mom. And most of the time, that’s great. But weeks like this one – it sucks.

The cold snap was a reminder that I need to replace the thermostat, pronto! Of course, the new one is not the same size, so that requires spackle, sanding and paint. Its the first time I’ve changed a thermostat, so I’m praying I don’t blow up the house. Oh, and I forgot to get filters… 

I fixed the muffler pipe last week. OK, bandaided. Now the next weakest spot has broken. Sigh.

The front tire is low. I go to get air and the air pump isn’t working right. I blew a whole 50 cents. I went to the next gas station, and their air pump is $1. I only have 80 cents in cash left. Sigh…

The vacuum cleaner is broken. I’ve known it needed to be fixed for a while now, but I’m afraid of what it’s going to cost to fix. It’s a Kirby. So now I have 2 Kirbys not working. Sigh… 

Rebel With a Fork, is going to be participating in the SpaTacular Event in a couple of weeks. Its really the first large promotion thats been done for that site, and I have lots to finish up – but the universe sure seems to be conspiring against me.  

And I have to work tomorrow. Just finished washing my work clothes. We’re fed and the dishes are done. Dog is walked. I’ve done the best I could today.  

I’ll bet your life is probably a cake walk compared to mine lately.

As tempting as it is to sit and feel sorry for ourselves, we can’t. You just buck up and get through it and try not to let anything fall apart too badly. 

It’s not fun. But it’s necessary. And that’s why we get through it.  

And our lives are better for it.

 Yeah, it might be nice to have someone to lean on. But once its through, it’s a great feeling to know that you did it.  

Stay strong & make sure you’re taking care of you too.

I’m sure tryin to 😉

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3 thoughts on “Thought you had a bad week?

  1. kari

    Carol, as I read this, it’s pouring rain, gloomy, and just a “yucky” day.. but, I was bound and determined to get my “fresh air power walk” in and so I bucked up, layered up, and walked for a good 20 minutes in the pouring rain and thought, I am grateful today.. weird huh? Yeah, your are so right, we HAVE to stay strong, stay connected, and on this September 11, 2010, 9 years after the attack, I find myself not stressin over the bills and impending move etc. etc. etc. For today I will take care of myself and remember my blessings! Wonderful post! Kari

  2. Beth

    Deciding what priorities are each day, then creating a plan and taking action are all one can do. Unexpected as well as expected things come up on a regular basis. Doing the best we can is enough.

    Focusing on what we want instead of dwelling on what we don’t want in our life, makes a huge difference. Practice self-care, gratitude, and feel the love and support that others offer. Really believe and know that things will turn around and get much better soon.
    Beth´s last blog post ..What can you do

  3. Roxane

    Hey, I have a air pump in my van. Let me know what time you have work and I’ll meet you somewhere and fill your tire.

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