This week’s SuperFood – Hot Peppers

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English: A display of hot peppers and a board ...

English: A display of hot peppers and a board explaining the Scoville scale at the HEB Central Market location in Houston, Texas Español: Mostrador con chiles picantes a la venta, con la escala Scoville – La sucursal de HEB Central Market, Houston, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Its the coldest month of the year, and flu is all around. This week’s superfood is perfect!


Hot peppers are good for respiratory problems. They clear sinuses, and help you breathe more clearly.


They contain a lot of vitamin C.


Hot peppers contains capsaicin, a natural painkiller. Now its being marketed as heart healthy and good for weight loss. And I think I read somewhere that is cures cancer too.


I’ve always thought there was a weight loss benefit, but can’t find anything to really document that. Jon Benson has mentioned that in one of his books or articles too. It just seems that hot peppers should burn calories, doesn’t it?

As far as curing disease – how many would you have to eat? They are a great addition to a heart healthy diet.


In hotter climates, they eat hot peppers to stay cool. Seems ironic, doesn’t it? The hot peppers make you sweat, which actually cools you down. Sweating also helps remove toxins from your body.


And for some odd reason, they’re just fun to eat. Watch for a recipe using hot peppers tomorrow….



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