This Weeks Spring Cleaning Tip


While I was outside enjoying a beautiful spring day, I thought about you. I wondered if you were able to be outdoors enjoying a beautiful day too.

You weren’t stuck indoors cleaning, were you?

Now I tried to get you to get your cleaning done so you could be out playing on these beautiful days. But it’s still going to be crummy a few days yet. It’s going to plummet this weekend here. Don’t groan! This gives you the opportunity to get this stuff done.

I pulled an article out of hte archive to help you out.

Why out of the archive?

Because once you know how to clean house the right way, it doesn’t change. The products might change, but the efficient method doesn’t change. Once you have Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak, you don’t need another housecleaning book. It works for you forever.

And I don’t like house cleaning enough to be writing all new material all the time. Its not that interesting. We just want to get it done, right? That’s why I wrote it all in Clean Freak – once and done, you know? I don’t have to keep writing about it, and you don’t have to keep buying more stuff.

That being said –  here’s your tip from the archives for this week –


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