3 Things You Should Give Up Not Just For Lent

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What did you give up for Lent?

There are things that would be great for you to give up for life. Lent is a good start. Maybe Lent should be the period when we start to build better habits, and spring our rebirth. What do you think?

Here are my top 3 picks –

One of my top suggestions is give up pop! 

Pop has nothing in it that is good for your body. It doesn’t even satisfy thirst. A can of pop a day – even ‘diet’ pop, equals 10 pounds a year. Give it up for Lent, and you probably won’t pick up the habit again. Oh you might try it. Then you’ll feel how bloated it makes you feel and probably not even finish it. That’s what happens to most people anyway.

Give up fast food

Fast food is expensive. Its full of sugar, fat, and sodium. It is high in calories. You can make a great tasting dinner, save money, and lose weight this Lent season. Find hundreds of fast, easy, delicious recipes here >>>

Give up TV

Oh, that seems drastic, doesn’t it?

How many important things do you put off in your life because you don’t have time? Cooking, working out, cleaning the house, reading, hobbies, spending time with family and friends…

Better ways to spend your time rather than TV, don’t you think?

You can have plenty of time to build a rich and fulfilling life.

If you are finally fed up with feeling fat and slugglish…

How to keep a clean house without losing your mind…

Build an unshakable foundation for you life…


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