Things you need to get done this weekend

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Oh-oh. The weather’s turning fast!

There’s a few things you’d better tend to fast!

Cleaning out the gutters

Washing the Windows – if you’re short on time, try the shortcut >>>

Winterizing gardens

Cleaning up leaves

Re-seeding the lawn

I like to get the carpets cleaned before closing up the house, but doesn’t look like that’s going to happen this year! If you own Secret Confessions of a Clean Freak – you got the carpet cleaning ebook with it.

And some of you are thinking about baking cookies! Oh my… I’ve already had a few requests for the potato chip cookie recipe >>>

I’m guessing we’d better get the piers out of the water unless we want to do it in snowsuits! I hope they’re going to do it before it gets too much colder 🙁

You know how Murphy’s Law works. Maybe if we get all this work done – it won’t get cold?

I’m not ready, are you?

Oh well, try not to work too hard this weekend!


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5 thoughts on “Things you need to get done this weekend

  1. Deni Carruth

    Hey Carole,

    Wow!I’m in TX, and this morning it was 49 degrees when I ran. It felt WONDERFUL! Unfortunately, everything is still green here, so I won’t be raking leaves for a while.

    But my windows are never up to snuff for me. I love your cleaning solution. My cousin talked about mething similar just last, but couldn’t remember the exact “recipe.” I’ll use yours!

    I’ll be having my 4th Annual Chili Feast in November, and I’ll want my windows to look amazing. Thanks!


  2. Carole Post author

    Hi Deni! Thanks for visiting.

    49 in Texas? Wow! And you like it? You need to move north!

    Chili Feast? You’ll have to tell us more. We like to eat good food here…

  3. Beth


    I’m curious to know what exactly you mean by closing up the house? Do you mean getting it ready before winter sets in, that you live somewhere else in winter, or perhaps both? I am a little slow sometimes to know what is meant by a phrase. Thanks in advance for your explanation, and for all your great tips and reminders that you share with us.


  4. Carole Post author

    Hi Beth,

    I’m sorry. I mean having to close up all the windows and lock down for the winter. I know many people who live lakefront close up the house and live elsewhere for the winter, but I live here all year round.

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