Things to do on a rainy summer day

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Drawing of ancient Indian board game

Drawing of ancient Indian board game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you been stuck in the house for days? Is everyone climbing the walls? I know. Its been raining for days. But there are lots of things you can do.

I taught my daughter how to play gin rummy a few years ago. That is usually a winter go to activity, but it works during periods like this too. Actually, I was surprised at how much she likes the game.

Of course, board games and Twister are options too. Yatzee. UNO. Jenga. Scrabble. Monopoly. How long has it been since you played some of these? I was at someone’s house yesterday where they had a bunch of old board games. They still have “Go to the Head of the Class.”  There’s always tic-tac-toe, dots, and hangman.

Do you have a lot of magazines and catalogs laying around? Make dream boards. Cut out pictures of things you want in your life. You could have the kids search for things they would like to do to their rooms, or things they would like to do.

When is the last time you went to the museum? We live exactly between Chicago and Milwaukee. We have tons of museums we could go to, and we rarely ever go. If you have small kids, the Children’s Museums are a great way to spend the afternoon.

Everyone has stuff that needs to be organized. Go get a bunch of bins or shoe boxes and have everyone start sorting. When my daughter was little, we had bins and boxes for everything. One for her toy dogs, one for cars, one for beanies babies, many for art supplies…

Look at old pictures. You could spend hours looking at old pictures and telling them the stories behind them. Who is in the picture? What was going on around that time? I seriously have a box with 100 years of family pictures.

Have the kids plan a show for you for tonight. Just make sure you have carved out the time to be there on time 😉

There’s a few ideas for you.

Do you have any to add?


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