Things even good house keepers often miss

Things even good house keepers miss

I’m in a lot of houses, and I see stuff that people miss. Heck, even house cleaners miss some of these.

You may have noticed some of these in homes you visited.

Take a look around your home and make sure you haven’t missed any of these….

Gunk hanging from the ceiling fan

I was at a friend’s house having coffee. I innocently looked up to check out the ceiling fan.  As I looked up, so did she. You could tell by the look on her face that she was embarrassed. Neither one of us said anything. The next time I came over, it was cleaned.

Stuff hanging from the ceiling

We all do a pretty good job of checking around the edges of the room, but sometimes stuff is hanging in the center of the room – especially if you have stucco ceilings.

Above and behind window treatments

Whens the last time you looked up and under your mini blinds or curtains? Or took a feather duster to the top edge of the curtains? Its amazing how much stuff can hide there!

The connections behind the toilet

This is not something that most people would notice, or even think about, but I’ve seen a lot of really gross ones.

The connections behind a pedestal sink

Out of site, out of mind – right? Except when you’re sitting on the toilet. Take a look…

The shower head

Calcium build up and rust build on the shower head. Its not easy to clean. You can spray it with The Works, or CLR and let it work a bit.

One of the best investments is a shower head that you can use as a handheld. You can clean the head under running water, or leave it to soak in a bucket if needed. Its also handy for rinsing the shower walls, liner or doors, and the tub.

Not to mention washing the dog…

The shower rod

Its amazing how dirty the shower rod gets. If you haven’t done this in a while, use a really old rag ‘cuz it’s gonna get black.

If you have rust – take a scrubby sponge and The Works, or CLR.

To take the shower hooks slide nice and smooth, rub the rod with a piece of waxed paper. Seriously.

Behind the TV

Most of the TVs these days stand out in the open, yet many people forget to clean behind it. If its really dusty, try using your vacuum with the brush attachment to get up the bulk of the dust. Be gentle so you don’t disconnect anything.

Which brings me to…


You know, when you go to plug or unplug something and the cords are covered in dust bunnies…


This is a pet peeve of mine – dirt built up in the carvings and grooves on wood furniture. Especially if you have a cleaning service! I am amazed at how many people don’t clean this.

Back edge of picture frames and wall hangings

People clean the front side of pictures, but some frames get build up along the back sides, especially on frames that aren’t flush against the wall.

Between the furniture and the wall

Same goes for behind dressers, bookcases, tables…take a look at that couple inch space and see what’s lurking there…

Tops of door frames

You know its bad when you can see the gunk hanging there.


Who thinks about dusting a door? I sure don’t most of the time. But if you happen to catch a glimpse in the sunlight…

Refrigerator seal

its so nice the way dirt and mold can embed in the folds, isn’t it? UGH.

Behind faucets

Especially where you can’t get your fingers in there. Yep, its a pain.

Can you think of other things you’ve seen that people have missed?

Things even good housekeepers miss


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2 thoughts on “Things even good house keepers often miss

  1. Leon

    Great piece! I agree, one thing that people overlook is to clean their showerheads which results in discoloration and ugly looking showerhead and reduced pressure because the holes get blocked. Cheers! Carole and keep up the good work.

  2. Carole Post author

    Thanks for stopping by Leon! Yeah, I’ve seen some pretty disgusting shower heads And to think that water is running all over your body.

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