There’s a Wooly Mammoth in the Road

The Woolly Mammoth at the Royal BC Museum, Vic...

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I have an elephant to eat.

No, its not just an elephant – its a big, ugly, hairy, wooly mammoth!

Its big and terrifying. And I have to eat it…

You might be facing your own wooly mammoth. That big, ugly, hairy, terrifying thing that is standing on the road between you and your goals.

We have 2 choices. Let him have the road, and turn around and go back with our tails between our legs, or face him down and eat him – one bite at a time.

We can try running head long – ramming into him, trying to shove him off the road, but that will be futile. He is too big.

We can’t get around him. He is too big.

The only way to win is to eat him – one bite at a time.

For me, its updating another website. For you it could be losing weight, or eating healthier, or getting more exercise, or learning new skills, or changing careers, or moving to a new home, or….

Take little bites every day. Eventually, he will be gone.


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