there’s a tree on my house

Was that a powerful storm or what? Power was out all across the state of Illinois and from up into Wisconsin, and down past Joliet.

There are BIG trees down all over the place. One is on my house. So far, I don’t have as much damage as some – but they say taking the tree off the house will cause more damage. We can’t get heavy equipment down on the lake side of the house. The hills are too steep, and there is a septic field. We’ll see what tomorrow brings…

Here are the pictures –

I’m going to go enjoy the shower I didn’t think I was gong to get for a few days.
Be safe.

2 thoughts on “there’s a tree on my house

  1. Debbie

    Good luck and glad you weren’t injured during all of this. I know it’s going to be an ordeal cleaning up the mess and dealing with the insurance company.

  2. Camilla

    All of us we need to have clean our house to have healthy life.It’s always to comeback and read new things posted.thanks!
    Camilla┬┤s last blog post ..Friendship Issues

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