The Vultures are aFlyin


OK, here’s a little motherly advice for those of you trying to build a business on the internet.

The Vultures are aFlyin, and they’re out for your money. Take Cover!

Here’s how it works –

They seduce you will a huge package of their old stuff, or some rehashed stuff. Now don’t get me wrong, in a few cases, even some of the old stuff is valuable from a few of these guys – but not much.

Then way down at the end there’s one sentence that says, you’ll get a free month of this magazine, or memebership site.

Then they charge you a ridiculously little fee for the huge package, usually under the pretense of covering shipping costs. What it’s really for is now they have your credit card number. You see, that magazine, or memebership site has a monthly recurring cost attached to it.

Now you may actually want the monthly info. But once you get one, two, ten… of these charging you monthly, you’re gonna be in trouble!

I also try to steer clear of the ones that don’t use paypal. If they use paypal, it’s easy to cancel. I’ve had a couple where finding the way to cancel took quite a bit of effort.

And then there’s Nick Marks. I will never do business with him ever again. His rapid business growth magazine is the same rehashed stuff. The intro package he sent for the original $7 went into the garbage. Really.

So then I sent an eamil to the questions email address he had listed. It bounced. I tried another of his emails. It bounced.

I called his customer service number which went to India. I told them I wanted it canceled. By the time I had gotten around to the phone call, I had already been billed – so I let that slide.

Then I was billed again. Now I’m pissed. I call India again. Not only do I want it cancelled, I want every penny refunded. Ok mam, it will be refunded.

I didn’t believe her. Would you?

So I went to the change your options link. There is no way to cancel the billing, only change it. So I put in a bogus security code and expiration date.

Sure enough, they tried to bill me again. $47 bucks a month he’s billing for this garbage.

And to top it off, I just got the April and May issues in the mail this week. It’s June.

So, I strongly advise you to never do business with Nick Marks. And if another marketer claims to be friends with him… birds of a feather…

And be careful when you’re signing up for all these great deals.

Besides, you can’t possibly read all of it. Quit signing up for stuff and start putting what you already have to work!

Unsubscribe from all these marketing lists. And don’t worry that you’re going to miss something. They all market each other’s stuff. Stay on one good list and you won’t miss anything.

Watchin your backside!


A.K.A. ‘Mother”

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