The Vanishing Alzheimer’s Cure

Diagram of how microtubules desintegrate with ...

Diagram of how microtubules desintegrate with Alzheimer’s disease (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week I had an email that said click here to see the amazing Alzheimer’s cure. (Not the exact wording.)

I was taken to one of those power point videos – you know, words on the slides with a voice over. Don’t roll your eyes. Those videos sell a lot of stuff!

Anyway, I watched it.

The video kept talking about orange aspirin. I could not figure it out. What were they talking about?

They talked about this study that was done with mice that were bred to have Alzheimer”s, or were somehow made to develop Alzheimer’s. They were able to decrease and in some cases cure the Alzheimer’s with this orange aspirin. Interesting.

They had their own stories and testimonials of people who were able to reverse their Alzheimer’s.

Then there was a small sampling where they were able to decrease the tangles and plaque, but there was no improvement in cognitive ability.

Then the video went on to say that there was a human clinical trial J147 pending at the FDA, but that those suffering from the disease did not have the years to wait out the process, so we need to get this book. (Or do some digging…)

I did find everything they were talking about. I also found the case study they were talking about that had 6 participants. 3 showed significant improvement in 12 weeks. On did not, but after a year on curcumin, she was able to return home with her family. 2 dropped out because of gastrointestinal problems.

The Salk Institute was raising money to do clinical trials. That was in 2013. Then it goes dead.

They were working on a synthetic version of curcumin. It seems that the natural version of curcumin is not bioavailable – meaning it can be easily absorbed and used by your body. So the rational was to create a synthetic version.

Now, I’d like to point out that almost all vegetables have this same problem, unless they are eaten with fat.

Most nutrients are either fat or water soluble. In order to be bioavailable for your body to use, they either need fat or water. Some nutrients need other nutrients – like calcium needs magnesium for absorption.

There are two thoughts that I found on curcumin absorption. One was fat, and the other – black pepper.

So, here’s what we have so far –

The dose of curcumin was 100 mg. divided over 3 times a day. 1/4 tsp. each meal. Can you buy straight curcumin? I went to Amazon and found that yes, you can buy curcumin powder.

What about in a supplement form? I found Gaia Herbs Turmeric Supreme (60 Capsule)that as the black pepper in it. That brand was recommended by another blogger who was taking it for a different issue. I ordered it.

I had read about Ashwagandha on Dr. Mercola’s site, and somewhere else too. I said what the heck and ordered that too.


I have a very strong genetic link. My great grandfather had it. My grandmother had it. My father has it real bad.

He doesn’t talk anymore. He doesn’t recognize most people. the last time I tried to spur his memory with pictures, he remembered his mom, and he seemed to recognize me. It could be because I am the oldest.

He is sexually aggressive, and now they are saying he is violent. But the violent part has only been since they have tried putting him in a facility. He wants to go home. We have had 2 facilities kick him out because they can’t handle him. And that’s only since November.

My father is the first one in our family that I know of to have these traits.

I’ve had a few episodes that are worrisome. I’ve had a few times where I can’t come up with a word that I use often. If that wasn’t bothersome enough, one night I could not remember how to turn the light on in my car.

So I’m going to do a case study on myself.

So what happened to the clinical trial?

I’m willing to be t that they found it wasn’t profitable enough to pursue. It’s all about the money you know…

Also see – The effect of curcumin (turmeric) on Alzheimer’s disease …From the National Institute of Health


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3 thoughts on “The Vanishing Alzheimer’s Cure

  1. Alex

    I really appreciate it that you learned something and took the time to share it with us, it is a great article to read for those people who have somebody in their home suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

  2. Paul Severson

    I found this NOT at all useful! “The case study they were talking about that had 6 participants. 3 showed significant improvement in 12 weeks. One did not, but after a year on curcumin, she was able to return home with her family. 2 dropped out because of gastrointestinal problems.” That means only 50% improved. Some may find this to be comforting. I do NOT!! While curcumin and other nutrients need another nutrient to become more “bioavailable”, making a synthetic curcumin is NOT the answer. Our cells receptors need natural chemicals to “receive” which means to be bioavailable. Otherwise, they become BLOCKERS to our receptors. This is what NSAIDS do. They BLOCK pain receptors in our cells and trick our cells into anti-inflammatory action. What’s wrong with this scenario you may ask? While it does work on a temporary basis to trick our cells, it is also causing damage because there isn’t nutrients for the cells to process. It’s like having the wrong wrench to take off a bolt. Soon the bolt is stripped and worthless from the wear and tear of the unmatched wrench. Now, back to the study, the one who did NOT improve but was able to return home after a year; What does that mean? NOTHING! No improvement, means it didn’t work! The 2 who dropped out of the study because of GastroIntestinal problems means they likely had LEAKY GUT! The 3 who had “significant improvement after 12 weeks; What happened to them? No one knows because there ISN’T ANY FOLLOW THROUGH. This study is NOT SCIENTIFIC NOR RELIABLE! If they are going to publish something, put in the time and effort to do it right the first time.

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