The Truth Behind Overnight Success


If you are involved in Internet Marketing at all, you no doubt got to witness an 18 year old becoming a millionaire this week. It was really cool, and well deserved.  

He came up with an amazing product called Mobile Monopoly. Everything he did was top notch from the training, to the prelaunch videos.  

Overnight success? 

Not quite.  

That’s what everyone thinks. He launched a product and made millions in one week.  

How long do you think it took him to come up with this product, have it designed and created? 

How long did he spend writing and shooting the videos?  

How much money did he put into this product before he saw a cent in return?

How many friends might have felt snubbed when he refused invitations to work on his product?  

It sort of reminds me of Bill Gates and all the years he spent ‘playing’ with computers in his garage. Geek. Nerd. Anti-social?  

And let me tell you, support is hard to find. You don’t know how often I hear now successful people say that their families were begging them to quit, to give it up.  

Who is this message for?  

2 groups. 

If you are one who is working on your dream – go for it. Never give up.

If you are one who is witnessing someone working on their dream – don’t discourage them. You might not believe in what they are doing, but they might be financially supporting you in a few years.  

Don’t feel snubbed or neglected because they are so consumed. Its not personal.  

Only 1% of the population has that much passion and drive. If you are lucky enough to know someone in this group, you might just be amazed.

2 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Overnight Success

  1. Beth

    Persistence is powerful. Keep on keeping on even when nothing seems to be going your way. Usually people stop right before things would have turned around for them. Stay passionate and believe in yourself and your dream.

    Ignore the naysayers and dream stealers. Instead, focus on your goal, spend time with like-minded people (they are out there!), find mentors & coaches to help you on your mission. Do something to move your project forward every day. Become an action taker who quickly makes decisions and takes action right away, Read & study regularly to become and expert in your field.

    Hurray for the 18 year old boy who already is doing tremendous things! At 52 I’m finally finding my way in the world & excited about my life and all that I have going on. We need more people to step up & make their difference in the world! Times are changing. Can you feel it?
    Beth´s last blog post ..About setting an example

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