The season is more than presents

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My daughter once asked me, “Why are always so worried about other people?”

I was surprised by the question and mumbled something about as Christians, we are supposed to help each other.

You see, if you need your dog walked, I’ll do it. If people lock themselves out of their apartment, they come here for help. Kids know that if their parents aren’t home when they get home from school, they can come here. My daughter has even told people, everyone who needs help comes here.

Oh sure, sometimes it’s inconvenient. But I would rather be a giving person than not. And that’s where the selfish part of the answer comes in. What’s selfish about giving, you ask?

Take a look around you and observe people.

You’ll see that the most miserable people are the ones who will be the first to not let you in, in heavy traffic – they are in too big a hurry, they don’t have time to help you. They won’t drop a toy in the big donation boxes, let alone take a tag and take the time to buy and wrap a gift for a kid who may not get anything this year. No, they are too busy.

Take a good look at people who are lonely, depressed, broke, or overwhelmed. Chances are, they aren’t very giving. Always too busy. Always worried that if they give, that they won’t have enough.

But happier people, rich or poor, are the ones who take the time to give. It doesn’t have to be costly.

You can walk their dogs when they’re out of town. You can offer to pick up something at them store if you are going. You can watch their kids. You can let people in – in heavy traffic. Giving and generosity doesn’t have to cost a lot.

It’s nice to take a break and give someone a hand. It gives you a good feeling. Your chores and problems will still be there in an hour.

Like most things in life, it all depends on your attitude. If you love giving, life gives more riches to you in friends, family, and general happiness that money can’t buy.

This season, don’t cheat yourself out of the joy of giving. Put some thought into the presents you buy. It’s not about the money or how expensive the present is. It’s about the thought you put into it. People will appreciate a gift that you obviously put some thought and care into. When they can plainly see that you thought about what they would really like, it brings a smile to their face that you can wear in your heart.

Making people happy is really a gift to yourself.


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