The Power of Dreaming

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My daughter and I were looking at million dollar homes on-line the other night. She had found a house she really liked and wanted me to see it. This house was only $499,000. We went through all the rooms in the picture tour and talked about what she liked about each room, and what she would change.

So then we went to look at some of the million dollar homes. We honestly didn’t find anything either one of us liked in the upper priced homes. I found that interesting.

I told her to print out the pictures and put them on her dream board.

Now as a parent, you would probably be tempted to say things like –

Well you better get a really good job to afford something like that.” or

You’ll never be able to afford something like that.” or

Why do you want something like that? You don’t need…”

Parents have a really bad habit of being dream killers.

She knows darned well that she has to have a really good job to afford something like that. And that is her intention. I didn’t need to point that out.

They say that a big part of reaching your goals is to be able to visualize having it.

We enjoyed the experience of virtually walking through the rooms and discussing what she like and what she would change. Other than the furnishings, there wasn’t much about this house that she would change. We both agreed that the island in the kitchen was ugly and needed to be changed. But the rest of the house seemed to really suit her. I have to say, she has pretty good taste.

Yes, she’s only 18 and just starting college. But this experience gave her a clear vision of the house she would like to have. It is stored in her sub-conscious mind.

I’m really proud of the fact that not only did I not make one negative comment about why she may not be able to attain it, I didn’t even think it. We just enjoyed the experience.

I think we all need to do some no holds barred dreaming once in a while.

Do you have a dream board, (or a vision board)? I have sort of a dream pile. The pictures are not on a board, but I have them. It gives me the strength to go on.

And if the Law of Attraction really exists, she’s well on her way to having that house.

Do some dreaming this weekend without a single thought about why you can’t have it. It’s fun. And who knows – you really might get it.

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3 thoughts on “The Power of Dreaming

  1. Beth

    Kudos to you Carole for the way you are supporting your daughter with her dreams. I hope you will both actually create your own vision boards. Seeing what you want by having your vision board set up in a prominent spot and focusing attention on what’s on it daily is a great first step in achieving what you want.

    Taking small action steps towards them is what I do next. When I have achieved about 75% of the things posted to my board I make a new one. It’s time for to do that again. Each time I try doing it in a new format. I’ve used construction paper, poster board, and other materials. Sometimes I have put words on them also. This time I’m thinking about making pages like a book that I can look through. More like a coffee-table book.

    Most people are very visual. Visualization and day-dreaming are something to be encouraged. Also, try to feel what you think it would be like if your life actually was like that & you already had those things. We can have the life we choose if we consciously and consistently work towards it.

    My newest vision (dream) board is going to have different things than the ones I have done in the past. I put both things for my personal life & my business on them. I’ll have pictures of the specific appliances I want to have on the new one as all of mine seem to have decided this is their year to be replaced.

    I’ll also have ones which reflect what type of clients & business I want to attract in the next few months.

    My last one had a laptop on it, a picture that represented me spending time with like-minded people, the vacation I wanted to take, things related to getting my business launched, me beginning to think about my legacy, spending more time in and around water, etc. All those came to pass, some in a better way than I envisioned!
    Beth´s last blog post ..About World Peace

  2. Carole Post author

    Hi Beth,

    You have made incredible leaps in the couple years that I’ve known you. You never fail to amaze me.

    Maybe someday we’ll actually meet in person.

    Thanks for the success story – Love ya!

  3. Beth

    Carole, I have watched you make huge strides in your life as well. Let’s both keep doing that! 🙂

    You know how awful my health used to be only a short time ago. I am so grateful that it’s improved dramatically since I chose to change what wasn’t working in my life & exchanging those things for a purpose-filled, meaningful, and joyous life. A positive mental attitude played a significant role in my healing.

    I’m feeling so energetic & healthy now that in October I’m taking 3 separate trips! My husband & I are driving to Texas to our youngest son’s wedding. A few days after we get back I’m driving
    San Diego to attend an event with wonderful speakers on health,life, and business. On the way there & back I’m stopping in Las Vegas to see my daughter & loved ones there. Finally I’m going to a retreat in Santa Fe a couple weeks after that for which I’m actually the Retreat Coordinator for. I will be both attending as well as finishing my work for this particular project.

    I’ve been getting exciting new opportunities coming my way ever since I got myself in alignment with my priorities. Life is fantastic and I want that for the entire world! Blessings to you and all your readers each and every day,
    Beth´s last blog post ..Volunteer Opportunities Abound!

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